The Dream (35.) A Rain Free Day

Praise be to God the rain has held off for at least the first part of the day and I’m taking full advantage of it. The shovels and tools are loaded and I’m off to finish what I started Saturday. With just a short distance from the front corner to the end of the house corner it shouldn’t take long to complete the largest section of the flower garden edging.

I needed to be at the ministry house by 9:00 to meet the handyman. Pastor may get tied up so I arrived at 8:30 and just as I was taking the shovels out Mr. handyman pulled in. I’m glad I got there early. Soon after pastor pulled up and while they discussed what needed to be done I got busy playing in the mud.

I was right, it didn’t take me long and the ground being softened by the rain certainly helped in digging and moving dirt around.

Once I finished, pastor and I had the talk we needed to have. No, after our discussion, we are not compromising our dream. We agree on 97% of what we are doing and what we want to do. With more than one person making decisions there will be disagreements but they can be worked out. My main concern now is about the furnishings and of course men see differently on those kinds of decisions than women. Men are happy with an apple crate, a T.V., and a sleeping bag. Women NOT! (you know I’m right. ha ha)

I confess, the one question survey I posted really surprised me! I expected the women to chime in with, “Oh yuck! Outdoor furniture as living room furniture? No way!” The men basically said, “If its comfortable, that’s fine.” (which this is not!) Next time I’ll think a little longer before doing a survey. ha ha

Anyway, things are going more smoothly. By the end of this day the gas stove will be connected (it was before I left), the dishwasher was being set up for installing, and the water line (hopefully) will be completed to the frig. ice maker. Pastor was working on replacing a bathroom door that looked like someone had kicked a hole in.

Pastor and I both agree we’re on the last stretch of the renovations. We’re seeing the end of the tunnel and no, it isn’t the trains headlight. We’ll begin to focus a little more on the furnishings now. Rather than have hodge-podge donations brought in, we’d much rather have the “green back” donations so we can purchase what we feel the ladies are worthy of having; a nicely furnished home that they can be proud to call home for the year they will be there.

I ain’t proud – We need the money to purchase what we need. Please prayerfully consider whatever the Lord leads you to give.

Pastors favorite – M-I-L-L-I-O-N would be nice. 🙂

To donate: And it is tax deductible.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

The work clothes are washed and ready for next time. Will the front steps be installed? Will I get to finish the rest of the front garden edging? Then what?

Blessings to you and see ya’ next time.

Into the Light Ministry

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