The Dream (45.) Taking a Break

Well folks, I’m being more or less forced to write when I can in July. We have the 4th of July celebrations coming up and very soon after that I will be having Cataract surgery. If anyone has had that particular eye surgery you are already aware of all the pre-surgery prep and follow up appointments, and don’t forget the million or so eye drops that have to be administered afterwards.

The surgery is really no big deal but with all the preprep and after care, plus blurred vision for a few days I’m afraid to try to find the keys on this computer. No, I am not one of those that can read a book and type at the same time. Mine is more a hunt and peck style although I do have a little speed after writing for some time but I do have to see the keys or you would think some drunk got a hold of my keyboard.

I haven’t been over to the ministry home since I finished the garden edging. We’ve had rain each day for the last few days and expecting more each day through the 4th so there has been no need for watering the plants.

We had visitors at church Sunday so pastor was visiting with them and I had no chance to get any kind of an update on any of the renovations that may have been done and he hasn’t returned my call as of this writing so I have no idea if or what he has accomplished the past two days.

I hope to see you all back as soon as I can find the computer keys again. If not, thank you for supporting my blog, the ministry with your prayers and donations, and have a safe and blessed 4th of July celebration.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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