The Dream (44.) Keeping On, Keeping On

Friday I was at the ministry home for several hours. If you remember I had told you how I had finished the right side of where the steps are going in the front flower garden. I think I even posted a picture.

I’ve held off doing the driveway side on the left of the future steps so as not to have a hindrance for whomever would be installing the steps to the front door. I’d hate for him to be tripping over the cement edging blocks.

That’s been a while back and I have done my best to try to keep weeds from infiltrating that side of the garden from the space allocated for a walkway. It hasn’t worked, and on a previous visit I couldn’t believe how much grass and tall, plus short, weeds had sneaked into the mulch. No way could I control it at this point.

Friday I loaded up my car and off I went to take care of the problem. First off I planted another Rose of Sharon that I needed to get out of the pot or transplant it in a larger pot. I had chosen a spot in the back yard and shovel in hand I hit the dirt, and I hit the dirt, and I hit the dirt. It was like trying to dig a hole in a cement patio!

I’m a tough old gal and I did it! I not only got the Rose of Sharon planted with a nice cement “curb” around it but I also got the entire left side of the future step weed free and the cement edging completed. It turned out very nice and is a barrier to future grass and weeds sneaking in. Pastor said he wanted to finish the inside before he starts outside. (building the steps) Weeds don’t wait.

When finished I entered the house and the cabinets look nice but not all the doors are on and those that are still need adjusting. I thought that had been completed since my last visit. Pastor usually goes on Monday and Tuesday to work so I’m guessing that will be completed when I return and I don’t know what else he may have accomplished today.

This whole process, and it is a process, is one step at a time but we’re keeping on, keeping on. Eventually the inside will be done and we can head outside to tackle the trees that need removing, the steps to the front door, and tearing down the old shed. As for my part right now, it’s done. I just go to water every few days to keep everything happy and healthy and pull a few weeds that insist on popping up.

What will I find next visit? Ya’ just never know.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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