The Dream (49) Open House has Arrived

For all these months we have been renovating a home we bought back in early Jan, as many of you know. Just this week we were able to get the new windows installed and one of the women from our church has been decorating for our open house. It does look nice for our open house but just for your information, I had no input in those decisions. I’d like to share some pictures of what your donations and prayers have resulted in. There’s still some work to be done but we’ve come a long ways. We will eventually have 5 ladies but for now we will be starting with 3.

This is Us – our life our home our story. This is a powerful message to our ladies. “We are family, we are sisters, we support each other, we can do this together, we’re in this individually and together to become who Christ created us to be, This is us – together.

Yayyyyy No outdoor patio furniture! We’ll be adding a T.V. on the opposite wall.

Obviously the table and buffet decorations are for show right now.
Note the French doors, those replaced the old broken sliding doors.

The cabinets are filled with dishes, the drawers are full of utensils, and all new appliances. All we need now is a couple of pantries and food. All were donated.

This is the smallest bedroom so we have made it into the “den mother’s” bedroom. Twin beds would take too much room so she gets a double bed and her own room. Hopefully that won’t cause problems later.

2 ladies will eventually be sharing a bedroom.

The wire, whatever you call them, supposedly replaces having to have a dresser or chest of drawers. I guess the ladies only wear tops and under ware because no dresses, skirts, or slacks can be hung in this closet. Not my idea!

2-3 ladies will share this bathroom. The towels, wash cloths, shower curtain & liner and rugs was all donated by our loving teachers. This is a narrow, small bathroom.

The master bedroom. It’s the largest of the 3 bedrooms Obviously 2 ladies will share this bedroom.

This is the master bedroom closet. Once again – little room for slacks, dresses, or skirts. 2 ladies will be sharing this closet. I think changes will have to be made later.
Master bath. 2 ladies will share this bath. There’s still a little work yet to be done in here.

I want to thank all the businesses that donated material or gave us discounts. Thank you to all the men that donated their time and labor, the teachers that coordinated and paid for the towels, washcloths, shower curtains, and rugs for one bathroom. Thank you to those who helped clean and decorate, to all who sacrificed their donations of bedding and other items, for the administrators of like ministries for their help through needed and appreciated advice, and especially those who gave financially and their prayers to help us fulfill a dream.

There are three of us that had the same dream. The Lord brought us together to bring about what He wanted to do through us. Pastor Mark Smith, me, and Gerri Hale. Through much prayer and many meetings we began fulfilling our dream; Into the Light Ministry. Starting a new ministry we have faced many challenges, and blessed with many rewards, we have come a long way. We aren’t ready to move in the ladies yet, but we are a lot closer than we were a year ago at the inception of our dream. Thank you for helping us continue to fulfill that dream. Our love and appreciation cannot be fully expressed. Thank you!

Until next time.

Into the Light Ministry

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3 thoughts on “The Dream (49) Open House has Arrived

  1. Linda Lee Adams/Lady Quixote

    This is beautiful, Sue. I did not see this back when you posted it, have had a lot going on and not getting online as much as I usually do. How are you doing?


  2. This is wonderful, Sue! I am so happy to see your dream come to reality. I know there will be women God will bring who will be ministered to and healed.
    Also, I wanted to touch base with you and tell you we’ve been praying for you. (Without mentioning names and details here. Lol) Your friend called me to tell me updates with you, and I haven’t had a moment to call. But I’m so thankful you were able to hear that sermons and were ministered to through it! God is so good! Keep up the good work for Him. We miss you! Blessings! 💞


  3. Thank you Mia. She’s still here with me to keep me in line. lol I appreciate your prayers. Thanks.


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