The Dream (50) Its Been a Long Time

Due to several medical issues jumping up and biting me where it hurts the most, I have not been involved at all with Into The Light Ministry. Since the 14th of July I have been hospitalized 3 times adding up to 23 days under the I.V. poles. That doesn’t count the days of recovery which I am in once again having finally been released after 2 weeks in isolation. No, not Covid but another contagious ailment that is very difficult to heal. Please pray healing for me and thank you in advance for your prayers.

Pastor came by to check on me a few days ago. He wasn’t, along with anyone else, able to visit me in the hospital. But I was able to catch up on the latest goings on in the ministry. I’m pleased to report that he has someone lined up to do a once a week Bible study with the women when we get them. We have a director, some volunteers that want to lend a hand. He has a list of counselors the women can choose from if they want counseling, some of the few ministries such as ours is more than willing to help, and he has interviewed several businesses nearby about hiring the women. Most have said yes.

Some of the women are close to graduating from their one year program. We still have a few more things to get done in the home before we can accept any ladies; the large living room window is yet to be replaced, painting around the new window frames, blinds put on the windows, insulation in the attic, curtains for all windows, and steps to the front door.

Pastor will be leaving this week on a one week ministry trip to someplace in Columbia and he’s so excited about it. He said when he gets back he hopes to start interviewing some of the women that are graduating and wanting to enter a transition home.

I’m really pleased that he is now focusing more on the administration part of the ministry. I gave a few suggestions but have also had to tell him that once the ladies are in the home my purpose has been served; Helping him to get the house and to start the ministry. Due to health issues I am unable to do much more. I haven’t even been able to go water my flower garden and he’s been doing it for me. 😦

I’m excited to see the women move in and start their next step in a long journey, and hopefully get to meet them once we have them in the home, but until then you probably won’t hear much from me. I’ll try to update as I can because I know you all have been so supportive and we truly appreciate that.

Thank you for your prayers for my recovery and for all the prayers you’ve lifted up for this ministry.

Blessings to you all until next time.

Into The Light Ministry

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6 thoughts on “The Dream (50) Its Been a Long Time

  1. I’m praying for complete healing. It’s good to see a post from you.

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    • Thank you Linda Lee. How is your book coming?

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      • My book is coming along very slowly. I haven’t missed a day of writing at least a little in my memoir, in over 4 years. But at the super slow rate that I am going, I’m beginning to wonder if my book will ever be finished. It’s a little frustrating! However, my prayer is that God’s will be done, whatever His will may be. If He does not want me to publish my memoir, then I don’t want to do it. The insight and healing that I have gained from writing my story, is worth all the effort that I have put into it. So it hasn’t been wasted by any means. Thank you for asking. 🙂

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  2. When I wrote Laying Down My Net was the same way. It took me over a year to write it and that’s where a lot of healing came from. When it was ready, or I thought so, He began editing a lot or it would have been the size of an old encyclopedia. 🙂 You are very right Linda, in its about healing right now and if and when He wants it published it will be published but the process right now, I think is about healing. I’m proud of you for sticking with it – it is worth it.

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