I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “Meeting of the Minds”


The date has been set. The time has been determined. The place has been chosen. Pulling into the parking lot the woman is astonished at the number of cars already filling the parking lot. She enters the building, places her name on the waiting list, and waits for the others to arrive.

Tables are shoved together and her name is called after a twenty-minute wait and the other women join her at the long table. The meeting will begin once the meals have been ordered.

“Thank you ladies for coming,” the leader of the group states. Meals arrive, the aroma of pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, grits, gravy, and coffee fills the air as they introduce themselves and tell what craft the Lord has blessed them with.

Once the now empty dishes have been cleared away the purpose of the meeting is revealed. “We’ll be using our God-given talents to bless…….” The leader states the name of organization these ladies, and those who could not attend, will be creating personally made items for.

One lady knits, another makes personalized jewelry, another crochets, another does art work and around the table are many talents of various kinds and each is willing to use their God-given gift to bless others.

“I’ll make baby blankets” one lady states. Another excitedly comments, “If I knit squares then maybe she can crochet them together for a large comforter.” “If we can get a picture of Mom with her new baby, I can make her a pendant with the picture in it,” another states. Each lady tells what she would like to make and together they have formed a team of crafter’s on a mission of love and hope for new mothers.

The Waiter has overheard their conversation and leans between two of the ladies. “What are you all doing?” He asks one of the ladies. One lady smiles up at Him and tells Him, “We’re going to make various items for a Pregnancy Center and donate them.” She then points to various ladies and tells Him about their talents.

The Man straightens back up, holding the hot coffee pot He smiles brightly and nods His head with pleasure.”That’s wonderful,” He states and then leaves to refill His pot.


Romans 12:6 – “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them…”


God isn’t referring to just the gifts of the Holy Spirit when He hands out gifts and talents. “She really has a gift for singing,” someone might state at listening to a beautiful song being song. We are all given some gift or talent and each is to be used for the edification and glorification of God. What gift has He given you? Don’t waste it. Use it to glorify God and His blessings will be poured out to you and others.




I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories – “Suspense at the River”



Having left his family behind, the man runs along the river and needs to stop to catch his breath. Breathing deeply he looks about while listening to the chirping of the birds. The breeze rustles his hair.

Stroking his beard he walks to the edge of the water. It’s late afternoon and while leaning forward and breathing deeply he listens to the sounds of nature as he thinks, I better get moving. It will be dark soon.

Taking another quick deep breath he begins to run. Suddenly he hears footsteps behind him alerting him to a possible danger and he glances back but sees no one. He continues to run and has to stop again to catch his breath. He has no idea how far he has run but feels an urgency to accomplish his mission. He kneels down and takes a long drink of the cool clear water. He splashes a little on his face, and then continues to run.

Running farther along the shore he slows his pace as he glances back again. The sun has lowered in the sky. Shadows begin to appear along his route and chills skitter down his spine. The footsteps behind become louder, closer, more threatening, yet he isn’t afraid.

Glancing back he suddenly stumbles over a branch lying on the ground and falls into the river, just at the edge, not the deep water. Someone grabs him. He fights, he struggles, and  he lashes out. His strength is giving out but he continues to fight the stranger and has decided he will fight to the end. He feels his life depends on it.

Water blurs his vision, his hair strings across his face, his beard is soaked feeling heavy on his face, his muscles are weakening but he won’t give up.

No words are spoken and the night melts into the dawn. He’s weak but still determined. The fighting, the wrestling, has continued all through the night. It’s taken its toll on his body. He feels a sudden jab to his hip and groans loudly but continues to wrestle the stranger.

With one last determined spurt of energy he swings at the stranger and grabbing him by his sleeve he wrestles him toward the sandy shore. The silence is suddenly broken as the stranger begs for him to let him go. He won’t let go! He grunts and breathing heavily he grabs the stranger by the shoulders. Shaking him he looks directly into the stranger’s eyes and yells, “I won’t let you go unless you bless me!”


Gen. 32:26 – “And he said, “Let me go, for the day breaks.” But he said, “I will not let you go unless You bless me!”


So many times we are going through life and everything seems to be going great and then something happens that really rattles our faith. It could be a death of a child or a loved one that is so unexpected it throws us into a tailspin. It could be a sudden job loss or business that seems to suddenly go sour and we don’t have a clue as to why it happened. We reach out to God and there seems to be no answers coming. We wrestle with the “whys” and “how come this happened?” and then we begin wrestling with God. We want answers! We want Him to explain and to help us understand. We want Him to at least give us some guidance or comfort or peace. We want something, anything to stop the mental wrestling going on in our minds. Finally we are so  exhausted from the mental wrestling match that we grab hold of Him and scream, “Bless me O’ Lord, I need You.”






My wish for you in 2015

May you have…

Christ’s love fill you to the brim.


Good health


An increase in faith


Problem free blogging


Love of family and friends


Safe travels


Unspeakable Joy


A time to relax


May you fulfill your new resolutions




May His plans for you be fulfilled


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