Target Must be Destroyed


Target Must be Destroyed–Boycotted into Bankruptcy!


Don Boys, Ph.D.

Every time Cato the Elder (born 234 B.C.) spoke to the Roman Senate, whatever the subject, he ended each speech with, “And Carthage [on the coast of North Africa] must be destroyed.” After many years, Carthage was defeated and destroyed. Carthage had been defeated twice before but quickly rebuilt, revived, and returned to threaten the Roman Republic. So Cato thought it best to destroy them for good. This was accomplished in theThird Battle of Carthage in 146 BC, and the cities’ entire remaining population was sold into slavery, consequently it never again posed a threat to Rome.

Target must be destroyed, not just boycotted and humbled into submission regarding their love affair with the LGBT crowd. Target’s statement said, “We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer said. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.” No, everyone deserves to be protected and have privacy; and the situation of sexual predators with a camera in female restrooms is not protection or privacy.

Now, there should be no mistake about Target’s rights in this matter. They have every right to do exactly what they are doing. I have advocated many times for the right of business people to run their business without government interference. They should be able to open and close when they desire, hire whomever they please, sell to whomever they please, pay any amount they want, and fire anyone for any reason whenever they choose. This is assuming there is no contract. That is the way America used to be. Moreover, I have every right to disagree with all their decisions, despise all their products and have the right to tell all my friends that it would be a wise decision, in my opinion, to never shop there again. That is also freedom and it does not conflict with any biblical principle.

I support the present boycott of Target; however, it is not a winning strategy. If we hold to the boycott and it grows with intensity until Target’s parking lot is almost empty then Target’s CEO will be forced to back down, but we will have only won a temporary victory. My desire is that Target should be destroyed even if they relent (not the same as repent) and ask to be accepted back into decent society again. However, I say that there should not be a rush back through their doors as if Target had not declared war on our women and girls.

I don’t want to be misunderstood. I do not agree with Rome’s total war of elimination at Carthage, but we should pursue the Target boycott all the way to bankruptcy! In our “war” with Target, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Disney, and hundreds more, we should not be motivated by hate or self-righteousness but by principle: those groups chose the wrong side in this cultural war; and they must take the consequences. For sure, I want my grandchildren and others to know what side I was on; and, with Target, I want their failure to be an example for others since I am interested in victory not a truce.

Critics will suggest that that is unchristian since the theme of the Bible is redemption; however, that is for persons, not entities. Others are free to rush back to Target but I choose not to do so, even if Target’s CEO weeps copious tears, throws dirt over his head, and rips his Brooks Brothers’ suit on national television. I believe the boycott should not cease! At least if we are serious about winning this cultural war. After a few years, if Target walks the walk I might reconsider my decision. Others will choose to make various decisions which is everyone’s right. And it might help in my decision if their checkout ladies started dropping a KJV Bible into each shopping bag.

When considering the status of America, the power of the LGBT lobby, and the brainwashing of Americans, I believe the best procedure is to sacrifice a business–that frankly does not deserve any consideration–and leave its wreckage along the business highway as a warning to others: don’t think you can disregard the people whose ancestors build this nation–without paying a price.

People have a right to expect God to fulfill His promise of redemption but businesses don’t have that right. When Target goes belly up, it will send a loud message to other businesses that it is not wise to use perversion to antagonize principled people.

Numerous businesses need to get the message that decent people will not accept perversion as normal or a female restroom being used by a man who thinks he is a female. If a business wants to be LGBT friendly, that is one thing but to take an aggressive, asinine, and arrogant anti-family position as Target has done, is another.

Let me assure everyone that the road to America’s moral garbage dump is paved with bad intentions. The Perversion Lobby wants to destroy your way of life. A successful boycott is a way to make a difference instead of whining about our “mistreatment.”

Hey, even a dog knows the difference in being stumbled over and kicked around. We have been kicked too many times and we expect acknowledgement and respect as we make our purchases. We will take public action to make the anti-family crowd feel our muscle at their cash registers. It’s a matter of principle. If Target goes bankrupt, it will be a lesson to others that they reaped what they sowed and it will be an example to others not to jump on the LGBT bandwagon.

Even the dullest of business leaders should get the message: choose your friends carefully.

I hope and pray that this boycott is as permanent as Rome’s success at Carthage.

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(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)

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Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives; ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis, wrote columns for USA Today for eight years; authored 15 books and hundreds of columns and articles for Internet and print media publications; defended his beliefs on hundreds of talk shows. These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations and may be used without change from title through the end tag. His web sites are and and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.

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Are we Christians gutless wonders?

I have been reading a book that has stopped me in my tracks as different issues are being brought out. It has practically caused me headaches in that it has made me think so hard about what we as Christians have allowed to take place in our society.

Even though the book is a novel, parts are backed up with scripture, it has touched on areas that cause me to suck in my breath, stop reading, and meditate on. There are some areas that we as Christians have not only allowed to happen but continue to allow and to grow. It makes me think of the years when I was growing up. How it was so much more simple than what we adults face today and what our children face and will face in the future.

As Christians we are supposed to be Christ followers. Not “religious,” not “pew warmers,” not Easter and Christmas Christians. We are to follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and we are to pass those teachings on to others. Okay, some do. But on a whole do we speak out and stand up for what is right in the eyes of God? I don’t think so!

Before you start screaming at me think about how it was when you were growing up. Particularly if you’re over 50. With our hand over our heart we stood before the American flag and said the Pledge of Allegiance before school classes began. Now, it’s a legal battle to be able to do that in our schools today. Why? Because we did not stand up to those organizations that declared it was wrong!

Think about prayer. Back then we could pray wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and as loud as we wanted, and many times others would join in on our prayers. Laws are being passed by the dozens now that we cannot pray in school, Christian groups are being banned from being a school activity, if a prayer group is organized in a nursing home by the elderly the A.C.L.U. is there threatening lawsuits. A child is not allowed to talk or write about their belief in Jesus Christ and many Christmas programs are being cancelled because of the name of Jesus. The old “church versus state” garbage! Read the constitution! We’re being deceived and we’re keeping quiet about it!

Schools have replaced “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” on their marquis signs. Instead of “Christmas break” its now called “Winter Break.” Nativity scenes aren’t allowed on various properties and stores have become “politically correct” by refraining from displaying “Merry Christmas” or playing Christmas music through their P.A. systems. They say they, “don’t want to offend anyone.” Well folks, they are offending 86% * of Americans!  Why are they getting away with it? Because we Christians have sat back, shut our mouths, and let them!

Pastors are now being threatened and as a result some are toning back on their sermons. They’re afraid of being sued or the government coming after them. I won’t say they are compromising the truth, they are just scared to tell it all. It’s easier to tell people what they want to hear than rattle their cages with a bit of confrontation about their sins.

What about the news media? We have allowed the radio stations, T.V. stations, and newspapers (what’s left of them) to spout the rhetoric of government bull to change what we always thought was right to what is now absolutely and totally wrong in God’s eyes. Christian programs have been cancelled, sex scenes, dope smoking and same-sex kissing, vulgarity has replaced the wholesome movies we used to be able to view. Why? Because we changed the channel instead of screaming bloody murder. Now we complain that there’s nothing decent on T.V. anymore.

We Christians have sat back and allowed, not only our government, but the media, Hollywood, to tell us, and convince many, that homosexual “marriage” and homosexual behavior is okay. Not only that but we’re called “homophobic” if we disagree! We’re attacked and called  “insensitive”  so we’ve stepped back and allowed what God calls “an abomination” (Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, Duet. 22;5)  “A perversion,” (Ro.1:26-27, Lev. 18:22) and “detestable” (Lev.20:13-16) to become acceptable and legal in several states.

Businesses are being sued because their Christian owners will not forsake their Christian beliefs. They refuse to compromise the Word of God. Good for them! At least some of us has a back bone!

We have allowed 3.3 % *of the American population, the homosexual population, to dictate what is wrong in God’s eyes to what is being pushed as acceptable and “normal” across this land. Yet 86%*of the American population profess to be Christians.  A mere 14% of Americans, non-believers, are dictating what we Christians should be standing up and speaking out and pressing in against! Why aren’t we?

What about abortion? We sat silent when Roe versus Wade was passed into law and now we’re still silent while we sit on our couches and thousands upon thousands of babies are murdered and we continue to groan quietly. One woman started that ball rolling! Think what would have happened if the conglomerate of the church had stood together against it.

We’ve elected a president that advocates those things the Lord our God abhors! Don’t tell me it was all non-believers who voted in this man! Christians lined the polls anxious for “change.” Well we got it brothers and sisters. And its our own fault! Now we’re paying for selective abortions, premeditated murder, whether we want to or not! Now pastors are being sued if they refuse to “marry” a same sex couple or quote scripture about homosexuality.

I could go on for another book-length list of what we Christians have allowed because we have become complacent. We can blame the Democrats. We can blame the Republicans. We can blame the presidents and Congress, Senate, etc. But the blame lays solely and squarely in our own laps!

We have sat back with our holier than thou attitudes and professed to be Christ followers as we moan and groan about what’s happening in our world instead of standing up, shouting to the world that we are not going to follow the dictates of a self-serving, power-hungry government or the likes of those who advocate what is against God’s Word.

God is not happy with His church! How do I know that? REPENT, REPENT, REPENT. That is what Christ has been calling us to do for generations and now so much more than probably ever before.

I am not advocating that all the problems in America are due to complacent Christians but there are many areas that we as the church can stand against and have a huge influence on. 86% of Americans have a voice so we need to stop groaning and trying to be “politically correct,” and stand up for what the Lord’s teachings are.

How can we do that? We can elect officials that are Bible believing people and seek God’s wisdom. We can confront the manager of the store that refuses to display “Merry Christmas” or insists their employees greet with “Happy Holiday.” Mom’s and grandma’s and teacher’s can confront the schools principles or board of education about the constitutional rights of our students. If our rights as a Christian is being denied we have Christian organizations that will help us defend those rights.  And above all, pray, pray, pray.

We are called to be light unto the world and if we sit back and say or do nothing out of fear of reprisal from those who are atheists, “gay rights,” “pro-choice” groups, the movie industry, or biased media we are just as much to blame for the downfall of our country as they are. In fact we are even more to blame because “Greater is He who is in you than He that is in the world.”


“He summons the heavens above, and the earth, that He may judge His people.” Ps. 50:4

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Blessings to you.