I AM – Devotional Style Short Stories -“This old House”

Climbing onto the dirty seat of the old pickup truck with its rust spots, the woman grins at her brother who sits proudly behind the steering wheel. “It’s old but it still has lots of miles on it,” he states and turns the ignition.

Driving down the country road they chat about various topics catching up on what’s been going on in their lives. Suddenly she yells, “Stop, stop the truck!” He slams on the brakes.

“What’s wrong?” He asks and slowly pulls to the side of the road.

“Look! Just look at that old house!” She points out her window at the old house sitting back from the side of the road. Its skeleton sits among brush and tall grass. Trees stand tall and green in the background.

She steps out of the truck and walks to the barbed wire fence and stands gazing in awe. He shuts the engine off and steps out and walks to her side.

“It was a rich ranchers house is what I’ve heard.” Her brother states while looking out over the weeds and grass at the shell of what must have been a magnificent home.

In his mind’s eye he’s seeing the fancy ginger along the roofs edge and the heavy Oak door, with its oval etched glass window, that is no longer there. He sees a front porch with six fluted columns and Balusters with their thick Oak railings, and curtains floating through the open windows of the second story on a breezy day.

She cocks her head slightly and asks, “Do you hear that?” Breaking into his visualization of what might have been.

“Hear what?”

“Music! There’s music coming from in that house!”

An invisible Man has stepped up beside her and gently touched her. She doesn’t feel it but suddenly images of past years dance through her mind. It’s the 1800’s and the ladies are dressed in their long fancy gowns and men in their finest, with bolo ties, big silver belt buckles, and cowboy boots.

A man strokes the strings of a violin, another strums his guitar, and yet another skillfully plays his harmonica. Hands are clapping, toes are tapping, and smiles are spread across the faces of the party goers. Laughter can be heard as it waifs up through the ceiling and out the open doors and windows.

The music changes and a waltz is played and they take their partners in their arms and are waltzing around the large living room. The elegant furniture must have been moved to make a dance floor. Only a few fancy arm chairs sit off to the side. The polished Walnut staircase winds up to a second floor and an elegantly dressed lady stands on the bottom step chatting with one of the gentlemen guests.

The sister doesn’t hear her brother telling her they need to leave. She’s so enthralled with the scene playing out in her head that she jumps when her brother punches her lightly on the shoulder. “We need to go!” He states emphatically.

“Oh!” She exclaims. Excitedly she states, “There was a party in that house…”

“What are you talking about?” he asks interrupting her while walking toward the truck.

She stands staring at the old house for a long moment and suddenly smiles. The party is still going on. To the tune she hears coming from that ancient dwelling she glances back at the old mansion. With a two-step dance step she returns to the truck and jumps in humming the tune.

Her brother looks at her quizzically.

“If you’re nice I’ll tell you what I saw and heard,” she states teasingly as he starts the old pickup and pulls back onto the road.


2Corinthians 1:21 – Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us is God.”


The Lord has given each Christian spiritual eyes and spiritual ears. If we are open to Him He will anoint us and allow us to see and hear as He does. Some see angels and demons, some hear His voice and others through His written word. He will speak through others to encourage His children as well as use visions and dreams and whatever He chooses to bless His children. The Lord is not limited as to how He communicates or blesses His children. It was on a drive with my brother that we saw this skeleton of a great mansion. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and ears and blessed me with being able to enjoy the party of the past. Through His anointing the sky is the limit and we need to be open to Him so as to experience His great wonders. Never underestimate the wonders and powers of our Lord and Savior. He will show us great and mighty things, even a rancher’s party in the 1800’s.




What size box do you have God in?


Standing before a congregation in a small church in Wyoming I’m speaking about how the Lord brought me to this town. I hear a woman in the second row emphatically tell her neighbor, “God doesn’t do that!” This lady obviously has a particular size box that she has our Lord and Savior encased in.

So what size box do you have Him in? Is it that we have a particular size box for Him or that we are the ones that has placed our faith in Him in a box?

As a new Christian I found my box of faith was pretty small but the Lord was quick to begin tearing the sides off my box. He began by allowing me to hear His voice in an audible way. “My sheep will know My voice” John 10:27  At first I thought I was mentally ill because I kept hearing, “I love you. I am not like your earthy father.”

Then the visions began. I had a very close friend who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. After having a bone marrow transplant that failed she was transported in a very glorious and beautiful way to heaven. By opening my spiritual eyes the Lord allowed me to see my friend jettison to heaven. A beautiful purple light is swirling toward heaven. It races heaven bound followed by a pure white light that’s beside, mingling with, and swirling with the purple light. I know instinctively it’s my friend and I shout, “You go girl! The angels can’t even keep up with you!” I feel her joy. The phone call minutes later from her husband confirmed what I just witnessed.

“Open my eyes so that I will observe amazing things from your instruction.” Ps. 119:18 The Lord has opened my spiritual eyes to many things. A man in our church tries to commit suicide and dies. The Lord shows me this man streaking towards heaven, then standing and talking to Jesus. The only words I hear is, “It isn’t your time.” He’s revived and lives. At the very moment the Lord showed me this was the very moment this man died. It was confirmed by my pastor who was there with the man. I was also allowed to see my beloved husband cross the finish line into glory. (See my post, “Reaching the Finish Line”)

Oh yes, the Lord is opening my box wide. He’s tearing down the preconceived ideas of who He is and what He can and will do. A trip to hell rips the sides off my box big time. (See my post, “Been there-Not going back!”)

Over the years the Lord has taught me much through His Word, through speaking to me, through visions, mental snap shots and experiencing the miraculous. I have seen angels encamped around people. I have seen demonic camps over various churches or cities. Part of my ministry is delivering people from the demonic attachments that the Lord shows me. I have experienced and witnessed His healing, both physical and emotional.

The Lord has no box, we do!

During my healing process from growing up in an abusive home He showed me how my grandfather had dedicated any and all children my father would have to Satan. He walked me through all the prayers of repentance, forgiveness, and severing of those generational ties. I have been in God’s Heavenly court where God deemed me not guilty. (See my post “Taking Care of Legalities-True story.”)

He has shown me how witchcraft, Satan worship, and the generational sins, like attitudes and unbelief, of my past generations has affected me in my life. Sexual abuse was big in my past generations. Children were to be used for whatever perverted pleasures came to the men’s minds. A vision of a small girl being raped in a field. Bloodied and shattered she is left to die as the men walk away laughing. Many times I was left bloody and crying as my Dad walked away.

God has no box! We must be open to whatever He wants to do within us, through us, or for us. If we remain contained with a fixed attitude of what God can do or will not do we have confined ourselves in a box not made of cardboard but of steel.

There are many gifts the Lord has and wants to share with us. We must be willing to be His vessel so that He can let any and all gifts flow through us for whatever occasion or purpose He has. The gifts are His and we are His vessels He uses to enable His purposes to be fulfilled. He isn’t limited, we are – by our boxes.

Allow Him to rip the box you are in wide open and watch what happens.

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Read more about how faith and obedience can rip those boxes apart. My true story reveals lessons well learned about God’s faithfulness.

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