The Dream (17.) You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Stopping in the driveway of the ministry house I have to look back at all that has been accomplished. The first time I stepped into the house the place was a disaster. The couple we were paying to do repairs and help pastor with the leg work; recruiting, getting information, etc. betrayed our trust and we were left with the whole shebang to do ourselves.

We’ve worked hard and I have to hand it to pastor, he has worked non-stop to get this home and this ministry going. Our focus has been in getting the repairs and renovations done to the home and yet even as much work as that has entailed he has had several meetings with “those in the know,” interviewed business owners, sat before bank managers, lawyers, done research, recruited volunteers, and so much more. Even with a week long mission trip to Columbia South America and his usual ministerial duties he has accomplished much, all for the glory of God.

Glancing at the house the piles of trash and junk has all been removed leaving at least the outside presentable. The old furniture that was left behind is gone, the “scatter gun” holes have been filled, cruddy light fixtures removed and are going to be replaced, old ceiling fans are gone with new ones on the list. An old furnace was delivered to the dump and a new one has been installed.

Walking through the house I realize even more that it has slowly been transformed. Instead of dirty walls, ripped wall paper, and partially torn down paneling, its all new now and the rooms are all painted. What a difference it makes! While roaming from room to room I can’t help but smile and feel a sense of satisfaction. There for a while the work seemed to be endless with no end in sight but seeing our clean walls with fresh paint has been an encouragement, yes, we have accomplished much!

A few pieces of furniture sit dusty in the living room, several hangers hang in the bedroom closets, hidden in the cabinets are bags of new dishes and kitchen utensils to be washed and put away now that we have hot water. Smaller pieces sit waiting in the carport. Oh what a change has been made!

Today pastor is mowing the yard while a six man crew is installing new flooring. When Gerri and I walk in I can’t believe the flooring has already been completed! Pastor stands in the doorway grinning like a Cheshire cat. “It’s all finished,” he states proudly. I can’t believe my eyes. Its beautiful, its amazing, and every room is spectacularly covered with a new wooden floor. Ohhhh my gosh!

The saying, “You’ve come a long way baby” skitters through my mind and I know, even though he hasn’t said it, Pastor feels the same way. “Its coming,” is his usual expression but I know his heart and to see the accomplishment we’ve made has to be more than just satisfying to him, as it is with me. Glory to God on the Highest for all He has helped us to do.

Walking outside with pastor he points to the mess of crappy shrubs that line the front of the house and says to me, “Start getting your flowers ready, I have a guy that’s got the equipment to pull all of those out.” When he first told me he was going to have those pulled out and put a flower garden in, I said, “That’s mine! I get to play in the dirt!” (My very favorite thing to do besides playing in the ocean)

There’s still more work, don’t get me wrong, but not nearly what we started with. I came home and started searching for a shower door to replace the broken one, then began hunting for a large pantry cabinet to have in the kitchen since cabinet space is limited. Pastor still has the floor, ceiling molding to put up, windows to replace, and a sliding glass doors to replace, and, and, and.

After hunting down the shower door and pantry I went outside to my yard and pulled up a few baby Rose of Sharon plants and potted them for transplanting at the Into the Light home. I have several and there’s a reason for that. In the Bible there is a story about a town called Sharon. (Acts 9:35) The people planted these plants (they are of the Hibiscus family) around the whole circumference of the town and that town was blessed. Jesus is also called, “The Rose of Sharon” (Song of Solomon 2:1) and I have some on every side of my home. (Believe me, me and my home are blessed!) and I know exactly where they will be planted at His ministry home. I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!

In my yard

“You’ve come a long way baby.” It is so nice to be able to write about what the Lord has helped us to accomplish. I think the major “bumps” are long gone now and we’re looking forward to completing the repairs…

but how long will that take, and will the finances be there when we need them?

Come on back and continue to enjoy the journey with us.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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