The Dream (18.) The Plan

Waking early with dreams of a pretty new flower garden flickering through my mind, I’m ready to take on the day, which is unusual. Normally I will lie all snugly and warm, yawning, debating if I should roll over and try to go back to sleep, but then the bladder screams, nope!

It didn’t happen today. I had a plan and when I have a plan there’s no “bar the door Katy.” Yesterday I told Gerri we’ll be leaving early in the morning to go to the house. This morning I race downstairs and all is dark and light snoring coming from her bedroom. Rats!

I slowly climb the stairs and decide to get some cereal and hope she’ll wake up before her usual “sleep in late” time. No, I won’t wake her up and scare her half to death. Grabbing a bowl I grab the cereal box and mumbling and groaning to myself I watch the news while eating and listening for any signs of life downstairs.

Finally! Standing before her as she sips her coffee with the T.V. playing, “You can go with me or you can stay here and do your laundry. I’m ready to go.” She flips off the T.V. “I need to get dressed.” Then get the led out,” and I rush back upstairs.

Entering the house and glancing around, oh how different it all looks. Its a pleasure to walk in knowing we’re not going to be stepping over, tripping over, or having to dodge everything under the sun to get to the kitchen.

Okay, I did need to move a bunch of tools, pieces of piping, and other stuff off the kitchen counters but to be able to even get to the kitchen is a God given blessing. Opening the lower cabins we start pulling out large bags, small bags, and individual items and setting some on the counter along with what we have taken out of boxes.

Turning the faucet – oh hot water! I mean really hot water! “Pastor needs to turn the water heater down a little, this water is scalding.” And our job for the day has begun. Adding dish soap I roll up my sleeves and grab the first glass.

That’s how we have spent the next several hours; washing, drying, and placing all our new kitchen items in the cabinets and drawers. I never thought I’d get such a thrill at opening a drawer and seeing it full of brand new silverware or a cabinet filled with pretty brand new pots and pans. Dishes are lined up, cabinets filled with baking tins and dishes, plastic storage bowls and lids placed on a shelf, an electric coffee pot put in its rightful place.

I guess I’ve just had my own for so long that just knowing these women will be starting with all new stuff touches my heart. I wonder if they have ever had new things or if that may just be a dream. We take so much for granted that it has struck me how someone might open a cabinet filled with new dishes, or a new refrigerator, or have to learn how to operate a new dishwasher or microwave -confection-fryer oven. Wow, I’d like to be there when that happens just to see their face.

We left with a kitchen not completely stocked yet, but well stocked, and a real sense of blessed accomplishment.

Oh, I still have a plan. I’ve already told Gerri, “I’m going to the house tomorrow morning early.” Yep there’s still work that needs to be done but this time I’ll go alone. I can handle this all by myself, thank you very much. Hold the door open, Katy. Sue’s at it again.

Will I get the job done? Hmmm My electric screw driver is charged.

See you next time.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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