The Dream (19.) What Is That!?

Not all plans work out just as we expect. Some time back I think I wrote about going to the ministry house loaded with shelf paper, only it wasn’t paper, it’s that rubber kind of stuff that keeps your dishes from sliding. Kind of like the stuff you put under a throw rug to keep the rugs from sliding out from under your feet.

We were so excited to be able to get everything, almost everything, we bought for the kitchen all washed, dried, and put away in the cabinets. Everything looked wonderful until I decided the pots and pans needed to be rearranged. Lifting some pots the freakin non-slide shelf stuff came right up with them. Grrrr

Then we tried moving a few other items and the same thing happened. I looked at Gerri and said, “This crap has got to go!” We put the items back in the cabinets. Coming home I decided I should have gotten the stick down paper kind and berated myself for not doing it the first time. “That stuff is a mess to work with,” was my excuse. Now I’m kicking myself.

Off to Walmart we went and I bought the stick down shelving paper and announced, “I’ll go in the morning while you’re at the gym and replace that other stuff.” And that’s exactly what I did this morning. Not just replacing the first lain stuff but going through and doing the linen closet, one bathroom cabinet under the sink, and running from the other bathroom after opening door under the sink.

What all that black icky stuff is I have no idea but I have no intention of touching it! The rotten wood under it was bad enough. Oh Lord I hope that isn’t black mold. Four hours later with a hurting back and bruised knees the job is done. The rubber stuff is saved for exactly what I said it should be used for – under the rugs!

Obviously I don’t need a charged up electric screwdriver for that job. Yesterday while Gerri and I were working Pastor came by and when I mentioned I was going to do this, that, and the other thing, he said, “I’ll do it. I’m coming back this afternoon.”

Knowing his busy schedule and the work he was planning to do later in the day I figured he’ll not have time so I’ll bring my tools and knock out this easy stuff in no time. Arriving this morning, tools in hand, not only for the shelf paper, but the other small job, I walk in and – its already done. No need for the electric screwdriver, hammer, or anything else but scissors, tape measure, and a marker. Pastor took care of what I planned to do. I think the man thinks I’m a wimp. Love ya’ pastor. 🙂

So our plans not always work out quite like we plan. Anyone able to relate to that? This reminds me of “Your will, Lord, not mine.” We make all kinds of plans and then the Lord reveals His.

So what’s on the agenda for the next time? I have no idea. Pastor is putting the trim pieces around the ceiling and installing the base boards. I’m hoping when he finishes that he’ll get those cruddy shrubs pulled out and I can start playing in the dirt. Ohhhh, just the thought of it gives me happy bumps.

Will that happen? Will I get to get all that wonderful dirt all under my nails, on my knees, fanny, and face?

You just never know. See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into The Light Ministry

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