The Dream (36.) Mixed Emotions

This has been a tough week for all of us I think. Today is Memorial Day as I write this and we honor those who gave everything that we all can live in freedom here within the United States of America. I’ve been thinking of the families of those who sacrificed their very lives for us. It also reminds me of how Christ sacrificed His very life on the cross to set us free from the penalty of our sins.

My mind is also in turmoil in trying to comprehend how an 18 year old boy can walk into a school loaded down with thousands of rounds of ammunition with the sole evil intend of murdering as many young children as he can. I just cannot comprehend anger, hatred, and evil such as that. An evil heart is what kills; not a knife, rocks, ropes, poisons, or guns.

Its been a week of grieving all those who have lost their lives; some for the love of country, and others who died because of a demonic lust for blood. My heart hurts for all the families and my prayers are with them. Life continues and we pray, we grieve, and we try to make sense of all that is happening in this crazy mixed up world.

Some of us become more determined to help others that have experienced evil first hand. That’s what our Into the Light Home is about. This week has been a time of mixed emotions but our work has continued. Mr. Handyman came and when I went to the house today to water the newly planted flower garden I found the refrigerator water line has been installed and the frig. is ready to be filled, (after its plugged in and needed.) The stove is working beautifully, and the dishwasher has also been fully installed waiting for the first load of dirty dishes.

New bathroom (over the mirror) lights have been installed in both bathrooms and even in the shower in the main bath. Boy those rooms are bright now! A shower door has been donated and will soon be replacing the old broken one.

In talking with Pastor I learned there is little insulation in the attic so we’re going to have to have that insulated, we still have the sliding glass doors to replace, and windows replaced, but we’re getting there. I’m waiting on a decision about cement steps to the front door or wooden steps. I prefer cement due to the home being brick and no maintenance. But it isn’t my decision.

Pastor will be spending the day doing whatever he has planned and for me, I’ll be kicking back for a bit. Well, maybe I’ll go plant the Rose of Sharon’s in the back yard. I need to get those in the ground pretty soon.

I hope you all have had a safe Memorial Day holiday and have remembered, our freedom did not come easy or free.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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