The Dream (37.) Renovations Continue

It seems as though the renovations are taking forever to get get done but as I’ve stated before, any time a new ministry is started that involves a home, office, or whatever it takes time to get the repairs and changes done.

We’ve made much progress and yet there’s more to do. I just came back from watering the flower garden. We are having 90 degree heat and rain has been sparse this week. Walking into the home I stopped just inside the door.

Holy cow! It reminded me of when we had just started. The washing machine and dryer is sitting in the middle of the floor, a long piece of equipment that cuts the trim corners stretches along a side of the room, a huge box filled with trash is among the scattered outdoor furniture that will be used as living room furniture, and the door-less cabinets are exposing the dishes we have put away. The counter tops are loaded with this, that, and the other. I won’t even attempt to try to clean up that mess.

Seeing the washer and dryer in the middle of the floor gave me hope though and I soon discovered the laundry room has been painted and its ceiling has been finished. Yay. Now maybe we can reinstall the washer and dryer and get the left behind blankets, sheets, etc. that we originally found piled in black bags in the laundry room, washed and put away.

Walking into the master bedroom I see the other “psych. bed” has been put together and graces one corner of the room. The shower door still needs to be installed, but all in due time. One of the wire basket towers is sitting near a wall. I was assured there will be a dresser and/or chest of drawer in each bedroom.

I’m pleased to see more has been accomplished even though the living room and kitchen area looks like a hurricane hit it. That’s to be expected. We’re moving forward and that’s what counts.

After watering the plants I cleaned up a bunch of trash left in the carport and headed for home. Sunday, when I see pastor I will learn what else he accomplished while there this past Tuesday. I did see a ladder by the old shed and noticed an air hose roll up thing was gone that was attached to the shed.

Is that an indication that the old shed will start being torn down now?

See ya’ next time.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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