The Dream (38.)An Angel’s Work is Never Done

Ain’t it the truth! I don’t know how they do it, the angels that is, (I’m no angel!) but they seem to guide us, guard us, and even step in to give us a helping hand without our even knowing it. That’s been my kind of week.

I had the idea that Saturday morning I would go to the ministry home and water the plants and then haul the rest of the edging blocks into the carport and get them out of the front yard where any passer-by might take the notion to add some to his own garden for free.

But when I woke up Saturday morning I suddenly felt that I have neglected my own yard for way too long while working at the ministry home. Now I don’t know if it was an angel or the Holy Spirit that put the gabash to my original plan or not, but I found myself having 26 bags of Cypress mulch loaded into the back of my SUV at Home Depot.

That took care of the biggest part of Saturday for me. Donning my sweat band, my Acapulco hat, jeans, and a top that would allow me a little suntan I got to work. And I worked all day. I have several large flower gardens around my home and 26 bags of mulch covers only about half of what I need to cover. With a sunburn I finally finished and only 25 more bags will finish the job for this year.

Having said all that is getting around to telling you that I haven’t spoken with pastor about what he has accomplished today, if he was working at the house. I did notice the broken down old riding mower that was in the back yard has disappeared the last time I was there. I know not where it disappeared to but good riddance.

The washer and dryer were still in the middle of the floor my last trip over to water but other than that, I haven’t a clue what all he has accomplished since my last visit. I know he’s been busy and I have been tied up with various appointments also. Sunday we had a guest pastor for Pentecost Sunday so there was no chance of any conversation with pastor.

I wonder what I will find in the next few days after the rain goes away. Yeah, we’re predicted rain the next 3 days, so no trips to go water flowers or to finish my task of mulching my own gardens.

Will the washer and dryer be back in their closet and ready to use? I hope so.

Blessings to you and see ya’ next time.

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