The Dream (39.) Blessings Galore

I talked with pastor and as usual his schedule is packed. We had the guest pastor speaking for Pentecost Sunday and pastor also had a funeral last week and another this week along with meetings and all the other pastoral duties. So only a small amount has been accomplished this week as far as the renovations are concerned.


I learned that if we decide to go with cement style front steps and use cinder blocks he has been offered the blocks free. What we’re talking about is using cinder blocks to form the steps and then the blocks are covered with regular cement to hold everything together.

Now we need to find someone who knows how to do that and if, since cement is supposedly in short supply, we can get someone to donate the cement and the labor, that would be a huge blessing. I am very familiar with mixing cement and pouring, leveling, etc. but pastor is a man, God bless him, that does not believe women should do “men’s work.” Grrrrrr Plus I don’t know how to do what we’re considering doing so I won’t push it. 🙂

We also have someone that will soon be installing the shower door replacement, and someone to paint the cabinet doors that have been taken down in the kitchen. The two bathrooms have been painted now so we can get in there and get those cleaned and hopefully install a new vanity in the master bath.

Are you ready for the big drum roll?

Taaaa daaaa – The Biggest blessing, (to me) is the “psych. beds” are leaving! Praise God and hallelujah. Someone has donated 6 brand new box springs and 6 brand new thick mattresses that are too thick for the beds. They come almost to the top of the metal headboards on the two beds we have. Which means new beds!

God is so good!

We’re not sure right now what we’ll do with the 2 beds but we will either sell them or donate them to another ministry that would be thrilled to get them, or maybe a homeless shelter or a family that needs them. I’m sure the Lord will tell us where they can go to be a blessing.

Please pray we are led by the Lord to new beds that are NOT metal beds!

Did we get the washer and dryer moved? I forgot to ask after hearing about the mattresses and box springs.

More good news coming next time. So stick around. See ya.

Blessing to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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