The Dream (40.) A Long Drive

It is very hot here today and after a sleepless night I stayed home to stay out of this heat. We’re close to 95 degrees with the heat index between 101 and 105. That’s too much for this “elderly” lady, so Gerri went to the ministry home without me this morning to begin washing the blankets that were left behind.

Pastor had left to go see a woman that is called “Granny.” She is over a home similar to what we are doing and has been doing it for 30 + years. What a valuable source of information she has to help us get started and succeed. It was a long drive since her combined 3 homes are on the South Carolina border and from Gainesville, Ga. to there? Oh yeah, that’s a long drive.

When Pastor returned he was almost giddy with all he learned. Gerri filled me in on some of what he reported but I’ll need to hear the full story at another time. While he was gone there was another volunteer at the house and the washer and dryer had not been put back in place as yet so Gerri was able to clean both of them inside and out.

Once finished with that she moved on to cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets while Mr. volunteer was putting the base coat on the cabinet doors. They were so yucky that we had to take all the doors off and strip them. So those should be ready to paint hopefully tomorrow or maybe next week. There are a lot of them since drawers are included.

The refrigerator has been turned on and now cold drinks can be enjoyed while working. A bathroom sink was freed up from a huge ball of hair that was down in the drain and a light fixture installed in the hallway.

Its nice to be able to give you a positive update and with the info. pastor gleaned from “Granny” to be able to look forward to a more positive means of helping these women. Having already tested and tried rules, regulations, and boundaries in place, knowing what works and what doesn’t work, what to look for, etc. is absolutely an asset to any ministry such as this.

As I’ve stated early on, this is new to pastor and even though I led support groups for 14 years and had the Angel Ministry and then Elah Ministry for several years, there is much with this ministry that is new to me, also.

The one thing I do know is, that I for one, will follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every step. That is the only way the support groups, individual ministry, and all that my ministry did was through seeking the Holy Spirit for advice, what He wanted taught, purchased, who came to me for ministry, and who He sent to move in with me, etc.

This is a learning process for both pastor and I, but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance we can do it and do it as the Lord wishes it to be done, if we seek Him and listen to Him. Tomorrow the washer and dryer will be back in their “cubby hole” and we’ll be there in the morning to start doing laundry.

Will there be more good news?

See ya’ next time and blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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