The Dream (41.) The Lord Has Turned the Heat up!

Boy howdy has He ever, and in more ways than one. We spent Tuesday at the ministry house working, and thank you Lord for air conditioning. Gerri was scrubbing cabinets down, the outside of them was covered in grease and grime. Having taken my step ladder she was able to reach the upper parts that she couldn’t reach the day before.

I donned my hat and sweat band and finally got after the cement edging blocks that have been stacked in the front yard where I was told they’d be moved and weren’t. Hoping none were stolen (praise God none were) I began moving them into the carport out of sight. After attempting to put some in the wheel barrel that was left behind I had to resort to carrying one at a time due to a very flat tire on the wheel barrel, and all in 95 degree heat with a heat index of 105.

Thankfully pastor showed up and helped me move the remainder blocks. I’m proud of him, he didn’t get on me for doing, “what you shouldn’t do!” He’s learning. 🙂 Once we finished I helped him load the back of his pick-up with the kitchen cabinet doors that he was going to spray paint a second coat on in the shade in the back yard. A truck full is easier than lugging 2 at a time around to the back of the house.

How he stayed out in that heat the rest of the day is beyond me. I had to go inside several times before he arrived just to cool down and then back to carrying one block at a time across the yard.

Gerri and I sorted through the bags of blankets and bedding that was left behind and she began washing piles of it. By the time the first load was in the dryer and another started washing I was pooping out fast from only 3 hours sleep the night before and the heat and humidity, plus I was hungry.

She turned the washer and dryer off and we came home, had a bite to eat and she went back to do more laundry and I went to bed. She came home about 5:00 with wonderful news as she drug herself over to the couch. She was pooped!

A visitor came that had never seen the home before and when she saw the outdoor patio furniture in the living room she immediately stated, “I want that furniture! “You do realize that is patio furniture?” “Oh yes! It’s perfect for my patio and I love it!” She knows pastor and told him the same thing.

Gerri is washing and drying more of the stacks of bedding today. I’m staying home and out of the heat. It about did me in yesterday. In checking the sheets she’d washed she discovered they do not fit the mattresses.These mattresses and box springs are really, really thick! The sheets only go down the sides by half.

Now what do we do with a bunch of non-fitting sheets?

Will we finally be able to get rid of the patio furniture and get real living room furniture?

Tune in next time to find out.

Blessings to you,

Into the Light Ministry

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