The Dream (42.) Wilted

For most of last week we were sweltering from above normal temperatures for this time of year and from what I understand we, in Georgia, are not alone. Saturday evening I drove over to the ministry home to water the plants and found a couple of the Azalea’s wilting, oh so thirsty even though I water regularly.

Looking at the sad bushes as I poured water on them and the other plants I thought about how we, as Christians, can also become wilted in our faith. So much evil in this world and the only way we can become “watered” is by going to the Holy “well;” Jesus and His word, for the “Living Water” to sustain us.

Walking into the home my spirit wilted just a little more. I was so hoping to see the living room cleared of all the outdoor patio furniture but there it sat. Looking down the hallway I see some of the mattresses and box springs, each piece a full 18 inches deep, all stacked neatly in a bedroom on top of one of the “Psych. beds”. (Yes, the 2 beds are still there.) “Do they even make sheets that will fit?” was my thought as I turned my attention to going back outside to roll up the 100 foot hose before leaving.

Pastor came today and finished the cabinet doors and painted the cabinets to match the doors. That wasn’t planned originally but after painting the doors, the paint was a different shade of white than the pure white of the cabinets. I don’t know at this point if he was able to hang the doors back up today or not, but I sure hope the dishes and kitchen ware are paint free.

Gerri is busy finishing up washing the blankets and sheets. Holy cow are there a mess of both! She’s spent 3 whole days just washing all that stuff. After all of that work she examined what she’d washed —– and wilted!

The sheets, most of them, and a couple of blankets, are ending up at the Animal Shelter near us. Many of the sheets have big bleach splotches from whomever donated them originally. Some of the blankets were so yucky we didn’t even want to wash them and ended up in the trash, and a couple that were kind of okay went to keep the fur babies warm.

I’ll be going back this evening to “drown” the plants. We’re expecting 101-102 temperatures for the next 2 days and then 90’s and I’m determined to not let those plants wilt in this heat wave.

What will I find when I return? Will the plants be okay and patio furniture gone?

See ya’ next time for the answer.

Blessings to you;

Into the Light Ministry

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