The Dream (43.)Should I Cut Back?

I’m finding its getting a little bit harder to write about what’s going on within the Into the Light Ministry Home. We’re getting closer each week to completing the renovations but we still have a ways to go.

This is a home with a a nice size yard, partial privacy fence, a couple of large trees that need to be removed. The one in the back yard is rotted and really needs to be removed and one in the front yard has all these little balls that cover the yard and driveway (Sweet Gum tree?) and are a danger to anyone who steps on them. Its like trying to walk across a yard full of marbles and since safety is a large factor, that tree’s gotta’ go!

Inside we still have sliding glass doors to replace, an attic with little if any insulation, cabinet doors that have now been hung but need to be adjusted, front steps and a walk way that is yet to be done, (the rest of the concrete edging to be finished for the front flower garden once the steps are installed) A shower door that has to be replaced, a vanity that needs to be replaced, and – okay, I think you get the picture. We are getting closer, I think.

With the heat wave we are having, as I have said before, I want to make sure all the new plants stay healthy and happy. I went this morning and to my chagrin found my hose strung out to the back yard. It was partially rolled on the hose roller-upper —-with a nice hole ripped in it!

When Gerri showed up early in the morning to finish up the laundry she found a river flowing to the street. Someone from the day before left the outside water running and with a nozzle on the hose the pressure built so great that it burst a hole in the hose.

I was not a happy camper! So today, in 95 degree heat, I was trying to fix the hose so I could water. Flex Tape, I learned rather quickly, does not work on hoses. Long story short, 2 trips back and forth from my house to the ministry house (14 miles one way) and another trip to Home Depot, I was finally able to water and replace the hose with the hole in it.

Hot, sweaty, and tired, I came home. And yes, it took me a couple of hours to cool down, in more ways than just from the heat. I must tell you that there’s more going on than just a hole in a hose that causes me to limit what I feel comfortable writing. I’m finding myself getting more frustrated, anxious, and sleeping less which makes it more difficult to write about what’s happening. Starting a new ministry isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I’ll be praying about writing only once a week instead of twice. We’re getting closer to starting on the administration type things that have to be put in place before we can bring any women into the home. Once the renovations are done then we have to furnish the home and get our “ducks in a row” regarding rules, regulations, do’s and don’t’s, jobs, etc. etc, etc.

Will the Lord continue to help me write these posts or is it best to cut back?

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know.

Blessings to you.

Into the Light Ministry

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